White Glow Diffuser

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Mood light.

The Glow Diffuser lights up, creating soft ambience while scenting your home naturally. With a cute curved silhouette, durable materials, and compact size, it instantly upgrades the vibe of any room.

  • Durable BPA-free plastic cover
  • 4-hour and 8-hour run times
  • 300 sq. ft. diffusing capacity

How to use

  1. Fill the reservoir with water to just below the fill line.
  2. Add 20-30 drops of Vitruvi essential oils.
  3. Place the lid on the reservoir.
  4. Plug in your diffuser and then turn it on.


Button guide

  • 1st click: continuous (4 hours)
  • 2nd click: intermittent (8 hours)
  • 3rd click: off


Press and hold the button to turn the light off and on.