Sitaku Sauce Dispenser

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Sitaku Collection by Kihara, Inc.
These Japanese porcelain sauce bottles are in constant rotation between the kitchen countertop and the tabletop. They are handy enough to have at easy reach when in the kitchen and good-looking enough to be on the tabletop. Great for frequently used sauces and creams like soy sauce and liquid amino acids, or half-and-half for tea and coffee.   The spout uses a water-repellent coat that prevents its liquid contents from spilling.

KIHARA, INC. is a Japanese porcelain producing company based in Arita, where porcelain has been manufactured for 400 years. Traditional techniques mixed with modern methods demonstrate Kihara’s vision for the future.

Small: Ø 1.9” x H 1.3”/ Capacity: 25cc
Large: Ø 1.9” x H 2.3” Capacity: 50cc
Dishwasher safe
Made in Arita, Japan