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Mandarin Collar Shirt: Ivory
Mandarin Collar Shirt: Ivory

Mandarin Collar Shirt: Ivory


Slightly shorter hem and a more draped fit than Vincetta's Collared shirt, the relaxed fit of the Mandarin Collar Shirt is perfect in any setting.

100% Calamo and Eastern silk 

Made in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


  • Made of 100% silk from Calamo Silks
  • Manufactured in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with Shilo Byrd Studio
  • Save yourself some time and do this piece a solid, wash only if absolutely necessary.  Why? It’ll help your clothes last longer and it’s kinder to mother nature.  If you do need to wash, hand wash cold or machine wash delicate with a mild detergent – lay flat to dry. It’s also dry clean friendly (use a perc-free dry cleaning service).  

A tip from Vincetta to freshen up without washing: Place in a cloth bag and freeze or give it some air outside.