Mad et Len Potpourri Recharge Oil

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Mad et Len recharge oils are used in combination with the potpourri crystal/amber/lava vessels.  They add a robust scent to any room and have such a unique look. These 15ml refills with dropper allow you to dispense the fragrance of your choice, on your Mad et Len potpourri crystals or lava rocks.

Drop three to ten drops of fragrance on stones depending upon vessel size and scent preference, set lid aside. The lid may be placed partially over the vessel to control scent projection, removed completely, or temporarily.

  • Cypress de Max - cedar, cypress, mandarin tree 
  • Graphite - graphite, chalk, woods
  • Spirituelle - mint, basil, orange blossom, wormwood
  • Terre Noire black soil, earthy, mineral note, petrified pine, and aged oakwood