Lounge Shorts - Black Cat

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The woven fabric of these Pants is developed by improving traditional Japanese fabric. It is a cool, dry-touch fabric that has been loved for a long time since those days when there was no air conditioner in the hot and humid summers in Japan.

Easy to wear, cool and lightweight, these pants are the comfy casual wear for relaxing at home or will be the perfect sleepwear to welcome a refreshed new day ahead after sleeping better.

It is made of breathable material and has excellent elasticity. The natural sweat-absorbing and quick-drying material is 100% cotton and is gentle on the skin. You will be so amazed at how comfortable it is; it will become something you can never live without!

1) Easy to move without feeling tightness, thanks to excellent elasticity and stretchability of 100% cotton.

No chemical fibers were added by weaving with the special method and shrinking the originally 160cm (5.25ft) fabric to 108cm (3.5ft) (deepening the ridge)!

2) Dry-touch, Cool, Breathable and Sweat-absorbing woven fabric developed from traditional Japanese material. Less area to touch the skin by its texture. Doesn’t stick to your skin!

3) With convenient pockets on the back.

4) If the waist is too loose, you can adjust it by pulling the elastic band through the two holes on the back of the front.

5) Travel-friendly, as it folds up compactly.

US Unisex Size M
(Waist 28.7-44.1in stretched, Hip 40in, Inseam15in)
US Unisex Size L
(Waist 32.7-48in stretched, Hip 44in, Inseam16in)

Color / Pattern:
Black / Mushroom

100% Cotton

Country of Origin

Machine wash cold
Do not iron
Do not bleach
Gentle cycle
Tumble dry low
Color fading or staining may occur due to friction, sweat, or rain while wearing